Air Filters Distributor & Supplier

Air filters distributor & supplier White Rose Non Wovens supply quality air filter products, and associated air filter materials for use in HVAC, gas turbine and paint spray processes. We also provide filters that are used within hospitals and in the pharmaceutical, health, gas adsorption and food industries helping to provide clean air for people and their environments.

As a leading air filter distributor we supply technologically up to date air filter materials and products complete with all relevant technical specification and Health and Safety data.

White Rose Non Wovens can offer in both the UK and Europe filter media for the filter manufacturer and are also able to supply finished filter products for the end user. Our product range includes air filter materials in roll or cut pad form, rigid cassette filters, bag filters, low and high efficiency panel filters together with carbon filter and Hepa air filters. Because our air filter materials are inherently antimicrobial there are no chemical agents added to the media during the manufacturing process.

Invaluable technical and product knowledge, together with large filter stock levels allow us to provide an excellent service.

Primary Filtration

Low efficiency filters such as filter pads, panel filters or pleated panel filters for coarse filtration and used as pre filters to extend the life of secondary or finer filters.

Secondary Filtration

Secondary Filtration VisualSecondary stage filter medias and products giving medium efficiency filter ratings, higher dust holding and a higher degree of air cleanliness.

Fine Filtration

Fine Filtration VisualHigh efficiency filtration medias and products used where air cleanliness is critical and has to be of the highest of levels. Applications for these type of filters are many and varied, from hospital operating theatres to clean rooms and in the nuclear, pharmaceutical, electronics and asbestos removal industries.