Panel Air Filters

Panel FilterThese pleated panel air filters are available in grade G4 utilising either polyester or polypropylene synthetic media which is bonded to a support mesh, used as filters in their own right where a standard pad filter is inadequate, or as pre filters to protect higher efficiency filters, they are used in general HVAC and varying filter systems.

Employing a Radial V Pleat design these extended surface pleated panel filters are enclosed in heavy duty moisture resistant white cardboard

Standard panel depths are 1” (22mm) 2” (44mm) and 4” (94mm)

Pleated panels are also available using a self supporting polyester pleat media, pleated without the need of metal support mesh also enclosed in cardboard frame in this format they can be completely disposed of by incineration.

Panels flame retardant to UL Class 2

Higher grade filter panels are also available

Contact us for all available standard and non standard sizes