EcoCarb Rigid Filters

EcoCarb Rigid FilterOur standard grade of EcoCarb filter is suitable for use in general HVAC applications.

This compact cassette filter comprises of pleated multilayer activated carbon media with hotmelt separators, encased in a polypropylene frame.

Ideal for applications calling for both filtration and either gas or odour adsorption.

The filter is available in full, threequarter or half size units with either a 20mm or 25mm header.

EcoCarb 7 Rigid Filter

Similar to the standard EcoCarb, but this high efficiency rigid filter contains an F7 (85% eff.) grade multilayer media treated with activated carbon.

This filter has a large airflow capacity and the full size unit contains 12m2 of pleated media.

The EcoCarb 7 is designed for applications that call for a higher degree of filtration plus the ability to adsorb pollutants from the atmosphere

Available in the same sizes as the standard EcoCarb