Activated Carbon Discarb Filters

Published on 06. Oct, 2011 by in News


Are you a heavyweight or a lightweight when it comes to Discarb filters? Well now you can be both we can supply these filters in their normal full size unit of 595mm x 595mm x 595mm containing 51kg of activated carbon giving a heavyweight total of 66kg per unit.

However we can now supply Discarb filters in the lightweight form of three sections 595mm x 198mm x 595mm, each section contains 17kg of activated carbon and has a total unit weight of 22kg, this makes the handling and fitting of the units,especially in those hard to reach places,far safer and easier. When the sections are joined together they give exactly the same performance as the original full size discarb, for further information please contact us

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  1. Bob Sheldon says:

    I am looking to purchase Carbon Discarb Filters size 595h x 198w x 400d, a total of 3. Additionally a Pad Holding Frame 595h x 595w x 25h a total of 1 with a supply of pads and Grease mess filters 241 x 495 x 25 total of 4.

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